Saturday, August 22, 2009

Osage Orange Cigar Pen

Checking out my pen case today, I realized that I am nearly out of stock on slimline designs. So as much as I like to make these Cigar pens, this one will be the last for a short period of time while I build up some slimline stock. Stay tuned for some examples of the slimlines that I'll be turning.

This Cigar Pen is made from Osage Orange, and is a beautiful yellow. Turned with my classic cigar pen styling, it is accented with Black Chrome. As an added touch, I decided to try my hand at some decorative turning and included some grooves aound the grip point of the clip.

This pen is FOR SALE -- $40.00 -- Contact me via the ABOUT ME at the right hand side of this page.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bloodwood Cigar Pen

This is a Cigar Pen, turned in my classic shape. The Black Chrome Accents are a natural compliment to the red tinting of the South American wood known as Bloodwood.

With this design, and overall large size, this pen is the perfect fit for a professional gentleman. Elegant and classy, but also sized to fit a large hand or help to improve the grip of somebody with arthritic joints or musclular difficulties in the fingers.

This pen is SOLD.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Acrylic Red/White/Black Cigar Pen

I've seen posts from other pen creators and they name their pens. I've never had that strike me as something that needed to be done until this pen was nearing completion. The name just jumped out at me! This is a Cigar Style Pen made with Red / White / Black acrylic. These are of course Canada's National Olympic colours, and with the upcoming Winter Olympic Games of 2010 on home soil I present to you " VANCOUVER ". Of course, the accent trim on this one is Gold!

This pen is SOLD.

Maple Stained Slimline Pen

This is a truly beautiful pen. The Slimline satin gold accenting really brings out the bold colour of the Raspberry Stain that was used on the local Southern Ontario Maple wood. The slim design works well for a business person who keeps their pen in their pocket or anybody that doesn't want a bulky design.

This pen is FOR SALE - $20.00 - Contact me via email that can be found in the ABOUT ME located on the right hand side of this page.

Acrylic Red/White/Green Cabara Pen

This pen was made from Custom Resin in the Colours of Italia! A nice Red / White / Green swirl throughout the pen, and gold accents in a Carbara Twist pen style. This pen is SOLD.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Black Walnut 2-Tone Cigar Pen

This is a Cigar Style Pen with Black Chrome accents that perfectly accent the natural 2-tone Black Walnut wood. The wood is locally harvested and features both the light coloured sapwood and the dark heartwood from the Black Walnut tree that was naturally felled last year in the Southern region of the Niagara Peninsula.

This pen is FOR SALE -- $40.00 -- contact me via email found in ABOUT ME located on the right hand side of this page.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bethlehem Olive Wood Sierra Click

This pen is made of Authentic Bethlehem Olive Wood and includes a certificate of authenticity.

The pen is a Chrome Sierra Click style Ballpoint Pen and the wood is beautiful Bethlehem Olive Wood.

This biblical wood is from trees that have been bearing fruits in the Nativity town of Bethlehem since the time of Jesus. It was produced from the prunes of young olive trees, the sprouts from the trunks of the old and unproductive trees which is an essential process for a healthier growth for the trees and to generate environmental stability.

No trees were damaged or destroyed i the process of harvesting this Bethlehem Olive Wood.

This pen is FOR SALE -- $60.00 -- Contact me via email located in ABOUT ME on the right hand side of this page.

Amboyna Burl Baron

A Baron style, 2 piece pen with removable cap. The trim on this pen is brass and it is a rollerball style pen. The wood is a 2-Tone Amboyna Burl, often described as the Cadillac of burls and a truely awesome wood. This is my personal daily use pen.

Wormy Maple Classic Style Parker

A Classic Parker Style pen with Gold trim. The wood is a Soft Wormy Maple. This pen is SOLD.

Walnut Cigar Pen & Pencil

A Cigar Sytle Pen & Pencil set, with a gold finish. This set was made from Black Walnut, and turned with my classic Cigar Styling. This set has been SOLD.

New Blog for Hetherington Pens

Watch this space for pictures of the hand crafted one-of-a-kind pens that I make. This site will appeal to the Pen Collector, Pen Turners and anybody interested in Pen Turning.