Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bloodwood Commissioned Artist Pencil

This one is something a bit different! I was approached by a customer that was looking for an artist's sketch pencil. Something with a larger lead, perhaps a little larger to grip but it absolutely had to be made from Bloodwood! This creation certainly fit the bill, and I don't believe that the customer has put the pencil down yet!

This pencil features chrome hardware and is dressed in Bloodwood. I finished it with 7 coats of my secret, home-mixed finishing solution to make sure that it can stand up to years of use. The red tones of the Bloodwood absolutely sparkle and shine in the light.

The cap of the artist pencil even includes perfectly aligned blades for sharpening the lead to just the right angle of point.

While this one was commissioned and has gone to it's new owner, if you were looking for something similar, drop me a line using the ABOUT ME on the right hand side of this page, and I can make one for your too.

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