Monday, May 24, 2010

Canadian Pen

This is not just another Baron 2 Piece Pen! This pen features a red-orange-white swirling custom made resin body from Master Scroll Saw worker Jeff Powell. This magnificent Maple Leaf blank has been hand cut by Jeff Powell, and cast in his own blend of special resins.

The chrome Baron sets this special body off perfectly giving a wonderful 2 piece design and flawless writing from the German rollerball ink insert. When the pen is in use, the cap is screwed onto the bottom of the pen to keep a wonderfully balanced writing instrument, and gives you the chance to continue to show off your Canadian Pride!

This pen is SOLD, and the hand scroll sawed bodies made by Jeff Powell were a limited edition, but I can take an order for one more at $100. Contact me using the ABOUT ME on the right hand side of this page if you would like one made especially for you!

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